Womens Ballet Clothes

Camisole leotards are one of the most popular of all womens ballet clothes. These are available in a wide range and are also quite affordable. Plume is a famous maker of these items of womens ballet clothes and their top selling camisole leotards with scoop in the mid back as well as shelf bra lining are very popular items indeed. These leotards are classic items and are suitable for most women and are made from a perfect blend of cotton and Lycra.

Womens Ballet Clothes

Ballet clothes - Check the size

These womens ballet clothes are quite small which means that you must check the size before buying them. They are currently available at Dance Direct where you can buy black colored XL sized camisole leotards for 9.95 pounds. There is a host of colour options available including black, white, pink, blue, lavender and much more. Sizes include small, medium, large and X large.

Ballet clothes - Bloch and Papillon

Besides Plume, these leotards are also offered by Bloch whose prices are a bit higher. Papillon also offers some nice options for those who are looking for these womens ballet clothes. They offer cotton and Lycra rouch front camisole leotards with attractive multiple straps in a web back design. There are two colours to choose from including black and burgundy. These items are available in small, medium and large sizes and cost 13.95 pounds at Dance Direct.

Ballet clothes - Tank Leotards

Tank leotards are another popular item of womens ballet clothes. These are available as sleeveless tank leotards that are also available for knockdown prices of just 9.95 pounds and above. The designs are available in a whole host of colour options which you can choose to suit different occasions. Plume, Capezio and Bloch offer a whole range of items that you can pick according to your needs and budget. Whereas Plume offers slightly more budget-friendly items of womens ballet clothes, Capezio offers a more expensive option but their quality is also very good.

Danze-ez offers microfiber camisole leotards that provide a dramatic twisted action back design plus shelf bra lining. There are two colour options available: titanium and purple and these items of womens ballet clothes are available in small, medium and large sizes and will cost 20.95 pounds.

Cap-sleeved leotards are also popular items of womens ballet clothes. These are a practical option and offer excellent value and are available (at Dance Direct) at up to half price. Both Plume and Capezio have their own selections that you can pick from. Whereas Plume charges from 10.95 pounds and more, Capezio offers their items at 15.95 but this can be bought from Dance Direct for just five pounds.

Many women prefer wearing womens ballet clothes like the polo neck leotard. These are a great option as they help a woman look more contemporary as well as sleek. These items of womens ballet clothes are also very comfortable and are available at Dance Direct in two designs. These include the sleeveless as well as long-sleeved variety. Currently, Plume offers these items at 16.95 plus pounds while Danze-ez offers the same items for 21.95 pounds.